#poems don’t always come easily- or, January blues, #resolutions and good intentions.

This new year has started with several rejections and failures to win prizes for poems which i thought were jolly good on the whole, but am I downhearted? Well, a bit. I put it down to the cold I have; after looking after everyone else at Christmas through their aches and pains and illnesses, now that I have time to write, I don’t have the energy.

I am managing to write the daily journal diarywhich is my sop to the mantra that you should write something every day. My daughter bought me a five year journal and it has become my habit, no matter how tired, emotional or otherwise reluctant I might be feeling, to write a few lines every night before bed. I even wrote on New Year’s Eve, after several fine glasses of champagne- but I haven’t read it back yet. It really is testament to the fact that an action repeated daily soon becomes a habit. Therefore my New Year’s Resolution, along with trying only to buy books from independent book shops, is to establish a genuine daily writing habit.

I have found many reasons why this is not feasible – but they are all nonsense, truly. I have therefore entered into my calendar a daily slot of 30 minutes in which I will write something. Here is what I started to write today. It is just a few jottings on something I would like to write, a sonnet, or perhaps -horror- a villanelle . I want to challenge myself to use form as starting points rather than defaulting to free verse. Wish me luck!

A Letter Follows

This Postcard is to let you know
I have been admitted to hospital
You must not fret,
it is only my head that hurts,
my body quite untouched.
The nurse says I will be better directly
although I cannot look at her today,
perhaps she is not there.
I hope to be discharged soon
the day may not always be
filled with horses
I have received no letter from you
for a long time


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