Christmas cake and other #baking delights- chaos in the kitchen a la #GBBO

Given the title of my blog, I thought I really ought to write something about food for a change. Consuming it is no problem- as is evident from other posts.

I’ve been watching repeats of The Great British Bake Off this week , and trying to imagine myself in that tent of terror. I know I would be the person whose quiche slides off the work surface, whose caramel cracked your teeth, and who most definitely produced a soggy bottom or two. Today I made our Christmas Cake, only two days after I planned to- writing got in the way. Everything was fine – until I realised I’d left out the treacle and the orange and lemon zest, and the cake was already in the oven.

I yanked it out and added everything to the warm mixture while it was already in the tin, gave it a hopeful stir, and shoved it back in. Here is the result, not looking too shabby, I think.


Even if it doesn’t taste brilliant at the moment, by the time I feed it liberally with brandy, and ice it, I don’t think any one will care.

Next, mince pies ( with brandy) and Christmas log ( with cherry brandy)…


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